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We specialize in authentic, professional business Headshots and Publication Photography. Your images must convey a message that will engage your next client.

Since 1996 Brian Geraths has earned a five-star reputation (plus an A+ BBB Rating) for creating exactly that. Your business image should be more than what you look like, rather who you really are.

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Cover image for Lake Oswego Neighbors Magazine (with life) - CHEERS! Brian

Cover image for Lake Oswego Neighbors Magazine (with life) - CHEERS! Brian

Brian's extensive background in merchandising (Albertsons & Fred Meyer) led him to a perfect outlet for his creativity in commercial photography and marketing videos.

Statistics show that you've got less than eight seconds for that first hook to retain your potential clients.

SEO tools will increase your online "reach", but it takes visual stimuli to retain and engage them.

Photo Media Productions is the commercial branding of Brian's combined experiences and creativity.


As consumers, studies show that we are processing at an all-time high pace. The positive way of saying "short attention span". Your images must appeal to trust, authenticity and quality in the least amount of time possible.

Varying studies show that less than 25% of your web traffic is reading this text.

That 80+ percent of them will click on a video before they would get this far in written words.

We combine award-winning images, 5-star service and an A+ Rating by the Better Business Bureau, to create content that display your product and/or services with that mark of quality. A look that tells your clients that you put their needs before your own.

Our manifesto is to create profitable visual content that earns you far more than you invest.

We collaborate with you, your branding experts, PR agency, business consultants or web designers to create engaging, authentic and defining photo/video content to engage your current and future customers.

1: Authentic Headshots:

Our specialty is broken into several categories. Business Headshots, Executive/Editorial Portraits, Team (Groups), Modeling and Publication.

A lasting first impression for today's consumer must be made within seconds of initial viewing. Well thought-out images will not just show what you look like, but convey an unconscious message to your next potential client, agent or reader.

2: Engaging Pitch Videos:

Recent studies (via Google, Custom Brand Lift Survey, U.S., September 2015) have shown that View-through rates are highest in the first 30 seconds of "Ads", A succinct, professional and strategic script can make the difference between retaining or losing your potential client.

3: Enticing Product Photography:

Brian Geraths profitable career in merchandising for Fred Meyer, combined with his numerous photographic awards will produce insightful images to appeal to your ideal client. (PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

30 Years of Entrepreneurial Success

On the front side of my craft, is the two decades of producing award-winning images for my clients. Every category from scenic to portrait, experimental to photojournalistic, led me to many interstate and international awards. The hardware may speak for my aptitude for the craft of image making, but personally, I believe there are countless ingredients that are harder to define unless you study neuroeconomics. (psychology of sales)

Brian Geraths is an unusual combination of business savvy, customer service skill, photographic talent and pure energy.”
— Darrell Webb - President, Fred Meyer Stores

In 1997, I received two very prestigious awards in my industry, The Kodak Gallery Award, and The Fuji Masterpiece Award. The funny part is, I had no idea why, so I studied all that I could about the 12 characteristics that the five-judge panels used to score my images. Once I understood what I had done right, it was no accident, so I repeated a winning streak (this time on purpose) until 2002 when I decided to stop "competing", and focus more on my clients' needs.

Brian is clever, hard-working and effective. His services helped our company become profitable
— Amy Collen - Happy Trails Animation

The same could be said about why I managed to navigate my portrait studio Prints Charming Photography through the toughest of times. I didn't know why I survived, thrived and grew at times less common in my industry. That was, until I studied resources that defined the things I did right, as well as my dreaded blindspots.

I hired a business consultant in 2012, and realized that I had found my calling. Not to do what he did, but to provided visual solutions for my clients to stand out in their industry. My business was created in 1996 from a 5-figure 401K that I saved as a retail manager and merchandiser.

I THRIVE on bringing that background to each creative project. I gained many insights from several years of demographic diversity, from a 110-store chain. 

I had been transferred 14 times in my 14 year career with Fred Meyer. Identified for my creative problem-solving abilities, some of those stays were very brief and I LOVED IT!..

Brian’s services encouraged us to re-brand our work, and other ideas that helped us increase our production and new patient volume. He has many good ideas on methods to increase exposure for small business.
— Dr. Shawn Harrington - Lake Grove Chiropractic

None of these locations were more challenging or high-paced as my three years at the former "Sixth & Alder" location in downtown Portland. This was not your paint-by-numbers, suburbian store (though each had their own character) this was an energetic roller-coaster. Doing 60% of our total sales between 11a and 2p (think lunch, and "hurry up!").

The store was deep in "red ink" prior to my transfer, and loaded with product that didn't fit the location.

I locked arms with a very "seasoned crew" (some who had worked with our deceased founder before I was even born) collaborating to reveal each person's best talents.

"Since you're stuck in the checkstand for three solid hours - pick your favorite, profitable item in the department, and let's sell it from the checkstand."

Instructions I would have never been sharing in any other location, but we had to make labor, rent and profit-enough to cover the balance of the day's operational costs.

I was wheeling hand-trucks full of purchases to vendors at Pioneer Square, restaurants and a few hotels. (which helped us become the highest sales-per-square-foot store in the 110 stores in the early 90's)

After converting our 4' section of trial sized (BIG margin on little items) into a full aisle, the black ink began to flow. Enough so that then-Vice President Darrell Webb hand-delivered my first profitable P&L in the middle of that rush to see things for himself.

Not knowing it was him, I made him wait as I served two or three customers that came after him. (oops! - thought he was a drug rep wanting shelf space)

After he introduced himself, this time by name, I let out an "oh $#!+", explaining what I thought. Not only did we have a good laugh, but it led to him pulling me out of a few of my future stores, in order to consult other departments that were in need of systems and/or merchandising support.

So, why on earth would I leave? Well... I MUST CREATE! I love to problem solve, so once we sold the non-conforming store, I saw boredom in my future. Now, here I am. Shark Tank, The Profit & Restaurant Start-up are about the only things the TV can bait me with. (okay, and House of Cards) It's fun, until my wife and I catch ourselves at dinner, penciling out the profitability of each place we dine. Yes - we're a match made in Heaven, esp. to remind ourselves to turn it off once in a while...

I created my own business, where I am paid to create, and often get to collaborate with my clients to produce the right visuals to grow their businesses. Yet another perfect match, and I LOVE IT!!!

Mixed in our 360° virtual tours of your business, are merchandisers, drone pilots, cinematographers, photographers, professional editors and a cognitive plan to make your multi-media production really count.

Our FAA certified drone pilots are not photographers, dabbling with a new tool, they are masters of their craft. Add to that our new 360° panoramic services, and your clients can manually tour inside and out of your resort, rentals or retail location.  From the comfort of their keyboard or device, they can step inside of your location to interact with your products and services, 24/7. (samples soon - site under construction)