Creative genius rarely comes from the organized mind that can pull it all together into a money-making product for your business. In the case of Photo Media Productions, we've got left brainers, right brainers and a systems junkie named Brian.

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Your Media Consultant - Brian Geraths

Creative director & photographer

Creative director & photographer

"I am a full-time professional photographer, specializing in authentic headshots, that does not dabble in photography. rather the daily practice of outdoing my best work on a daily basis.

Quantifying accolades, you can read about below, but what I REALLY offer, is the creative eye of a merchandiser. To be your ally, in creating real assets for your marketing needs.

As an out-of-the-box entrepreneur, I bring a diverse history of retail management, merchandising and 20 years of self-employment (as a photographic creative) insights to every project. What does this mean for you? I get it! We share the same challenges of grabbing the attention and trust of our next client - many of whom will see your photo, long before your person. What impression did that photo leave on them? Appealing or appalling?

My job is to see, in advance, what your client will be looking for, and prompt you to portray that authentic version of YOU!

I am an Idea Guy that is open to your input and ideas, but you can trust that I'll speak up if I have another idea that might appeal more to your ideal next client."

Awards, Celebrities & Accolades

I have served 17+ years as Official Photographer to the Portland Rose Festival Court, and a couple of years ago, the Royal Rosarians granted me Honorary Knighthood for that service. (just Brian please - Sir Brian Edward Geraths, Guardian of the Electron Rose is just a tad too formal for my casual ways... Though a flattering honor)

I've won local, state, national and international awards in every category of photography that entered in my "competitive" days.

Add to that, my extensive merchandising background, and you are assured that I will have both your face AND your bottom line in mind while we shoot.

I approach every project with one question in mind: "If this was my product or service, what would appeal to me most as their consumer?"

I am grateful to have the trust and referrals of many web designers, graphic artists and branding experts, to serve as their clients' marketing ally. My intrigue with neuroeconomics (consumer psychology) fortifies my input on how best to illustrate you as a person, product or service.

Since this is the brag section, yes, I have photographed a growing number of celebrities including Queen Noor of Jordan, Bob Proctor, Dr. Michael Beckwith, Magic Johnson, 1st Lady Roselynn Carter, Astronaut/Senator John Glenn, Charlie Gibson, HRH - Crown Princess Masako of Japan, and my lovely wife Cathy Geraths!..

A few of Brian's most prestigious awards for photography, service and advocacy.

A few of Brian's most prestigious awards for photography, service and advocacy.

Professional Artists

I have a team of contracted digital artists that masterfully take you from great to wow! They are not "part time photographers, retouching on-the-side", they are full-time talent that make me look great, by helping you to look your best!

Head swaps, wrinkled shirts, and the basics (blemishes, stray hair, lip-line of make-up etc.) Maria, Ivan and Susan have worked with me for several years, allowing me to keep my signature style (Detailed, but REAL).

Video Production

This is where I get to REALLY pour on the creative-director juices. It is a collaboration of YOU, myself, my editor and the teachings of three amazing cinematographers that helped me begin to master these tools in 2010.

During our initial consult I will sketch, script and capture a story that will succinctly appeal to your next client, while defining your product or service.

Professional audio, lighting, royalty-free background music and editing, will set you apart from your competition and their smartphones. Not comfy in front of the camera? Not when I'm done with you!.. You won't even know that it happened.

Nothing to memorize, we'll simply have a conversation based on what we produce together.