Who "we" are...

Creative genius rarely comes from the organized mind that can pull it all together into a money-making product for your business. In the case of Photo Media Productions, we've got left brainers, right brainers and a systems junkie named Brian.

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Your Media Consultant - Brian Geraths

Creative director & photographer

Creative director & photographer

Owner and out-of-the-box entrepreneur Brian Geraths brings a diverse history of retail management, merchandising and 20 years of self-employment insights to every project.

Brian is an Idea Guy! His merchandiser insights have allowed his creativity a place to flourish since 1996. Better known as "Prints Charming Photography", he opened Photo Media to focus his talents on the commercial aspects of image making.

The day HD Video started showing up in his DSLR's, was the day his continuing ed classes leaned toward cinematography. Brian studied with documentary specialists to help him better define his style for integrating this medium to his existing platform of storytelling stills. (photographs)

After 15+ years as Official Photographer to the Portland Rose Festival Court, The Royal Rosarians granted him Honorary Knighthood for his service in 2015. (just Brian please... we need his feet kept on the floor)

Add to that, a host of hefty photo accolades, service awards, and an A+ Rating by the Better Business Bureau, you're in trustworthy, reputable and creative hands with your next project.

Award-winning Photography

Brian Geraths has won awards in every category of photography that he has entered. Local, state, national and international awards adorn his studio as a reminder that you're in good hands.

Add to that his merchandising background, and you are assured that the images we create will be planned and captured with YOUR bottom line in mind.

Brian approaches every project with one question in mind: "If this was my product or service, what would appeal to me most as their consumer?"

Referred by countless web developers, graphic artists and branding experts, Brian becomes your marketing ally. His intrigue with neuroeconomics (consumer psychology) fortifies his input on how best to illustrate you as a person, product or service, in such a way that your next customer calls you ready to invest.

A few of Brian's most prestigious awards for photography, service and advocacy.

A few of Brian's most prestigious awards for photography, service and advocacy.

Professional Artists

Our digital artist are masters of taking you from great to wow! They perfect our headshot retouching (and some wild tricks for product photography) in 24-48 hours, making ALL of us look great!

Video Production

We consult, sketch, script and capture a story that will keep shoppers on your site - in hopes to drive them to your product or service. Professional audio, lighting, royalty-free background music and editing, will set you apart from your competition and their smartphones. Not comfy in front of the camera? Brian is a master at making you forget there's even a camera nearby, aiding in authentic pitches to convey your message.