Play, Work, Play...

Checking out for a few days...

Having booked a floating gig to Mexico, we'll be packing all camera gear for some play-work-play...

You can still reserve most sessions while we're away. (CLICK ON SERVICE OF YOUR CHOICE - MOST HAVE PRICING)

The only cameras that will remain in the studio are our security cameras, so we encourage you to wait for our return to do headshots v. mugshots. : ^)

We'll have limited access to email, so my apology for any delayed replies until we return Dec 5.

I look forward to connecting with you on return!


Brian Geraths

Passionate for nature, life, writing and sharing, this site is mutually dedicated to my three favorite vehicles through life - Photography, Writing and Speaking. As professional photographer I was (and still am) in my favored "Observer" mode. As writer, these observations exposed a deeper understanding into ethics, authenticity and leadership. As speaker, I get to be selfish. In giving we gain - big! By helping you to discover your own authenticity, passion and where you too are a leader, I get a huge pang of fulfillment. Yes, I am a giver - the most selfish sort of person that ever was. (that is, once you realize how great the results of giving truly are)