Amplify Business Videos

Cinematic Marketing Movies to engage online customers.

Credentials and capability are important - but first... people must trust you.

Why should your next client choose you from the pool of peers in your industry?

If you see somebody reading from a script, how engaged do you feel?

From concept to creation, we storyboard, script and plan out a message that will deliver your "hook" in two minutes or less.
Web-commerce consumers (pretty much all of us), have been jokingly dubbed as having the attention span of a flea. Our goal, is to make sure that the twitchy right index finger of your next site visitor becomes YOUR next client.

"I love that you really got at the WHY of my business. The heart of it. The reasons that I keep going, even when I feel challenged. You captured the spirit PERFECTLY! (and I love the music). I made myself tear up!.."
~Kyra Busanich, Owner - Kyra's Bake Shop (4-time winner of Food Network's Cupcake Wars

Brian's writing, combined with business aptitude will help you hone in your why, your how and your WHO! Let us help you move that mouse hand to the phone, by adding an authentic, approachable and engaging element to your web and social media tools.

Prices vary, so call Brian at 503-246-3056 for a quote and/or appointment to discuss.

"I am not comfortable being in front of the camera, and Brian made me feel completely at ease and was very professional through the whole process. Our vendors and customers love this movie!" 
Jessica Love - Manager, Tigard Farmers Market


If you are interested in learning more, please give us a shout from the contact page, or give us a ring at (503) 246-3056.

The link below is for after we create your storyboard and/or script and it's time to roll... Either way - we look forward to creating incredible web content with you.