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Our secret sauce for successful image-making?..

Corpus Callosum: noun,  [kawr-per-uh kuh-loh-suh]

"1. a great band of deeply situated transverse white fibers uniting the two halves of the cerebrum in humans and other mammals."

Balanced in right-brain creativity and a left-brain craving for the science behind what makes our clients choose us, the secret sauce is merely a multi-hemispheric, creative entrepreneur named Brian.

Brian Geraths

Creative director & photographer

Creative director & photographer

I am a full-time professional photographer, specializing in authentic headshots. Crazy to think that I even to need to say "full-time" or "professional", but wanted you to know that we do not the dime-a-dozen dabblers that claim the title of photographer.

I've been at this full time since 1996. With five kids (two bonus sons, courtesy of my amazing wife Cathy) my daily practice of outdoing my best work is how I keep feeding my family.

Quantifying accolades, you can read about below, but what I REALLY offer, is the creative eye of a merchandiser. To be your ally, in creating real assets for your marketing needs.

As an out-of-the-box entrepreneur, I bring a diverse history of retail management, merchandising and 20 years of self-employment (as a photographic creative) insights to every project. What does this mean for you? I get it! We share the same challenges of grabbing the attention and trust of our next client - many of whom will see your photo, long before your person. What impression did that photo leave on them? Appealing or appalling?

My job is to see, in advance, what your client will be looking for, and prompt you to portray that authentic version of YOU!

I am an Idea Guy that is open to your input and ideas, but you can trust that I'll speak up if I have another idea that might appeal more to your ideal next client."

Professional Artists

I have a team of 1099'd artists that masterfully take you from great to wow! They are not "photoshop dabblers - retouching on-the-side", they are full-time talent that make you look your best, thus making me look even better!

Maria, Ivan & Susan have (photo-anonymously) worked with me for several years, allowing me to keep my signature style of "Detailed, but REAL.

Head swaps, wrinkled shirts, and the basics of blemishes, stray hair, lip-line of make-up etc.

Brian Geraths is an unusual combination of business savvy, customer service skill, photographic talent and pure energy.
— Darrell Webb - President, Fred Meyer Stores
Brian is clever, hard-working and effective. His services helped our company become profitable.
— Amy Collen - Happy Trails Animation

Video Production

Selecting a video production team was perhaps one of the most challenging experiences since hanging the proverbial shingle.

More than just letting go of "doing everything" the challenge came in choosing an editor that LOVED TO EDIT MORE THAN SHOOT! If you've ever done either, you understand the two mindsets necessary of mastering both.

This is where I get to REALLY pour on the creative-direction. To convey to that priceless, talented, but behind-the-scenes ally, exactly who you are as we dub and trim your message to exactly what you desire.

It is a collaboration of YOU, myself, my editor and the teachings of three amazing cinematographers that helped me begin to master these tools in 2010. When the technical aptitude becomes second-nature, it comes down to masterful editing down to the essence of what you want conveyed to your future clients.

Something I could not do without the mastery of our great team of contracted editors. Who's names I shall hoard until I can keep them busy enough to bring on full time! (MUCH trial & error to find these ideal partners, I don't need my peers nabbing them before keeping your gigs a priority - sorry, but we'll just call them John & Jane!)

Accolades & Reviews

A few of Brian's most prestigious awards for photography, service and advocacy.

A few of Brian's most prestigious awards for photography, service and advocacy.

After 17+ years as Official Photographer to the Portland Rose Festival Court, Portland's Royal Rosarians granted Brian Honorary Knighthood for what was then 15 years of service to the organization. Sir Brian Edward Geraths, Guardian of the Electron Rose is a flattering honor, but let's keep his feet on the ground and stick with Brian.

Brian has received numerous local, state, national and international awards in several categories of photography.

Add his extensive merchandising background, and you are assured that he'll have your face AND your bottom line in mind through the process.

I approach every project with one question in mind - ‘If this was my product (or service), what would appeal to me most as their consumer?’
— Brian Geraths

Photo Media Productions is a go-to place for many web designers, graphic artists and branding experts, since we serve as their clients' marketing ally. Brian's intrigue with neuroeconomics (consumer psychology) fortifies our approach to all that we do to help you maximize your return by investing your trust in us.

Brian has been trusted to serve a number of celebrities including Queen Noor of Jordan, Bob Proctor, Dr. Michael Beckwith, Magic Johnson, 1st Lady Roselynn Carter, Astronaut/Senator John Glenn, Charlie Gibson, HRH - Crown Princess Masako of Japan, and many others.

Brian Geraths is a brilliant photographer. I have been working with him and referring my clients to him for several years. Photo Media Productions always gets the right shot. Brian is the very best!
— Leslie Akins - Publisher & Graphic Artist Lake Oswego
Brian’s services encouraged us to re-brand our work, and other ideas that helped us increase our production and new patient volume. He has many good ideas on methods to increase exposure for small business.
— Dr. Shawn Harrington - Owner Lake Grove Chiropractic
My business partner and I went to Brian @ Photo Media Productions and are absolutely thrilled with our images! My partner is an incredibly shy person and Brian managed to capture her natural, radiant smile- not an easy task while holding a camera. The process was easy and we had our images within a few days- ready to print and to go up on social media. If you need to update your look and want something authentic- please consider working with Photo Media Productions.
— Dr. Maeghan Culver - Owner Northwest Integrative Medicine
I am an introvert and not fond of taking photos. I have to say how impressed I was with how Brian handled my situation. He listened to my needs and provided information for each step of the process allowing me to ask questions and provide feedback. What I anticipated to be awkward and rehearsed was far from that. Brian made the experience organic and fun. He also was able to meet my deadline and ensured I was happy with the results.

Thank you for the excellent customer service!
— Lisa Q - Wilsonville OR
Brian has worked his magic on our business photos AND “Wow!” is the best way to express what he did. I hate having my picture taken but he made the whole experience a fun experience. The end product is outstanding. Very professional and has a great body of work to his credit. Definitely recommend him for any photo needs. Go Brian!
— Jo Wold - Executive Coach, Wilsonville OR
Brian Geraths has an artistic eye that captures the heart of the individual which maximizes their outer beauty. He’s easy and relaxing to work. Final product is the quality you treasure for a lifetime.
— Missy Stevens - Publisher