I hate email! I spend more time swipe-deleting, than I do reading. Why?.. Because I filled out too many of these subscribe boxes (and many times DIDN'T - GRR...), all to receive a barrage of unfiltered narcissism. 

Sound harsh? Tell me you haven't thought it while skimming...

It is with an empathic perspective that I minimize my blog-shares, and maximize the content regarding marketing-related topics and headshot tips.

20+ years of serving entrepreneurs, inventors and artists, all while ingesting the insights of countless gurus like Seth Godin, Michael Hyatt and more - led me to this. I LOVE TO SHARE MY DISCOVERIES with one goal in mind, the very thought I have the second my clients walk through the studio door:

"If I was your client, what would entice me about your image, products & services?" 

Below are a few samples from the blog page.  - We use a simple unsubscribe on email, and you won't offend me if you use it. I'll just know that you moved on from that email address, or I helped you get too busy to read them! : ^)

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